Custom Hardline Water-cooling FAQs

illumiRig     ||We Build, You Dominate (Bykski)  -  Custom Watercooled Gaming PC in Singapore build your way

We understand the uncertainty most customers have when it comes to Water-Cooling PC. In ensuring all of our Custom Hardline Water-Cooling Builds are leak-free, proper safety steps and techniques are adopted. Rest assured, all Custom Open Loop Water-Cooling sets will undergo comprehensive checks prior to installation by using EKWB & Barrow Leak Tester - this will include extensive leak test under varying levels of pressure to ensure reliability. 

illumiRig     ||We Build, You Dominate (Leak Tester)  -  Custom Watercooled Gaming PC in Singapore build your way

In order to provide cutting edge technology, all of our Compression Fittings can handle up to 100KG pull strength. Our main Watercooling Builds are powered by Bykski / Barrow / Freezemod. We do also offer fittings & water-cooling kits from EKWB.

Screwed up your overclocking? Having a hard time to access the Clear CMOS pin due to all the wiring & tubes? To some this might be unnecessary or even a simple fix, but we'd save you the trouble. All of our Custom Hardline Water-cooling builds will come with this rerouting by default, you'll never know when such accessibility would come in handy one day. 

What will be included for Custom CPU only Hardline Water-Cooling Builds by default?

    What will be included for Custom CPU & GPU Hardline Water-Cooling Builds by default?


    What are the Custom Hardline Water-Cooling upgrades?


    (Premium 1 Digital Sensor Display) Temperature and Flow Meter Digital Display


    (Premium 2 Pump Reservoir Combo) Glass Rectangular RGB Pump Reservoir


    (Premium 3 Pump Reservoir Combo) Aluminium Flat Rectangular RGB Pump Reservoir with Digital Temperature


    (Premium 4 Pump Reservoir Combo) EKWB Quantum Kinetic FLT 120 D5 PWM D-RGB Plexi


    (Premium 5 CPU Waterblock) Aluminium RGB CPU Waterblock with Digital Temperature