Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I can receive my PC?

  • All Custom PC (except custom water-cooling build) will take approximately 4 to 9 Business days for completion. As our sets are build-to-order, all parts are placed upon order confirmation.
  • For Custom Open Loop Watercooling Build will take 6 to 10 Business Days if you've opted to water-cool only your CPU. For CPU and GPU water-cooled builds, it will take approximately 14 Business Days.

What happens if the item ordered is Out Of Stock (OOS) / End Of Life (EOL)?

  • We will notify you immediately and discuss on the next best available option.


Available Payment modes?

  • We do accept payments via Bank Transfer / PayNow / Card Payments. We do not offer installment plans.

    Why should I opt to use AIO Closed Loop Watercooling?

    • AIO performs quieter under pressure and it's definitely quicker to cool with a lower standard operating temperature. Furthermore, if you have an unlocked CPU which can be overclocked, it's certainly more efficient.

    Is there any maintenance required when using an AIO water cooler?

    • Dust may get stuck inside or in between the radiator and fans, so extra care is needed to maintain them. Aside from those, the pump and/or coolant wouldn't require much maintenance.


    Is it safe to cool my GPU with AIO?

    • Yes, it's safe. The same applies when you cool your CPU with AIO.

    Custom Extension Cable: