FAQs: How much Wattage Power Supply?


  1. All information is based on the assumption of power draw off wall and are based on a power virus (Prime 95) basis.
  2. Exact System numbers do not fully represent the power supply you should get, Always remember to Leave Room for additional wattage for efficiency and longevity of PSUs.
  3. Due to the information being relatively higher than average, it is for added assurance that the power draw of the following systems are ran to specifications.
  4. All unlocked AMD Skus are assumed at 4.2Ghz while Intel parts are assumed at 5.1 Ghz.
  5. The following gpus have been assumped to have an mild overclock and no UNDERVOLT was done on Radeon GPUs.
  6. We advise to allow additional headroom than the stated Wattage.
  7. The following documents is solely confidential and should only be kept and used for ILLUMIRIG Private Limited.


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