Custom Leviathan v2 (2160p build)

*Do refer to CUSTOM HARDLINE WATER-COOLING FAQS for more support information*
*Do select Case Fan for Custom Hardline Water-Cooling
Bundle Consists of:
- 24p MB
- 8p CPU (4+4)
- 8p PCIe (6+2)
*Cable Comb included
*Do refer to CUSTOM HARDLINE WATER-COOLING FAQS for more support informations*
Please choose 1 to 3 options
Select a color...
No Custom Water-Cooling (+$0.00) Clear (+$0.00) Clear Blue (+$0.00) Concentrate Blue (+$0.00) Clear Red (+$0.00) Concentrate Red (+$0.00) Clear Green (+$0.00) Concentrate Green (+$0.00) UV Green (+$0.00) Concentrate Yellow (+$0.00) Concentrate White (+$0.00)
All Software are a One-Time Purchase for each build

Customizations Total: $0.00

3 Years Warranty

Be confident of your purchase with our 3-Years Coverage (18-months of On-site - excluding data recovery) in concurrent with manufacturer warranty. Our team will collect at your convenience, work on it and deliver once its revived within the On-Site Period.

You are covered with Life-time Thermal Paste re-application for a better maintenance of your PC. Complimentary updating of PC and cleaning/dusting within Warranty Period. Complimentary re-flushing of Open Loop Hardline Water-Cooling within Warranty Period.

Exquisite Workmanship inside-out!

With us, your build will have the tender loving care it deserves - all for the longevity of your hardware. Our specialists are equipped with ESD Protection Gloves (EN1149 Rating) and every build will be assembled on our Anti-Static Mat. We’ve induced these stringent practices to eliminate any potential damage caused by Static Discharge. In return, your build will also be free from unwanted fingerprints & grease.

All hardware will undergo pre-assembly boot test and also post-assembly stress test to ensure no faulty parts. This will save time and complications once PC is fully assembled.

Complete Setup Selections

Dive into your gaming world with our hassle-free shopping, with our wide selections ranging from hardware to peripherals - all ready to unpack without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Your system will be updated with latest drivers & essential softwares - just plug & play!

Zero fuss with "housekeeping"

Improper cable management can be an eyesore. Though its easily hidden away at the back of the motherboard tray, nobody likes showcasing “mess”. Cable management can be a real pain in the a**, let us clean that up for you. No kidding, a bag full of 100s cable ties is never enough on a single PC for us.

Call us nit-picky… but if we’re not satisfied, we’re pretty sure you won’t be too.

We use one of the most highly rated thermal paste (Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut). So, save the trouble to decide which thermal paste to get - as you'll waste the rest of the tube, when all you need is just a "Pea Size".

Say goodbye to thermal throttling, as we'll ensure the optimal reliability of your PC’s performance it was created to be.

Empower your purchase with clarity

We’ve sieved out the cream of the crop to offer you more bang for your buck, so we can be transparent about every single piece of hardware we’re about to place in your build… right down to the premium grade thermal paste we’re using (its Thermal Grizzly, by the way). We don’t believe in limitations (we’re quite the stubborn kid ourselves), so you’ll have the freedom to fully customize your build which caters to your every need.

Lifetime Support

Reformat your PC conveniently with our Recovery USB for all builds and a relocated Clear CMOS button included for all Custom Hardline Watercooling Setup for easy access.

Though the performance of a PC Build under our recommendations could last for years, we understand that technology is consistently moving forward. Hence, we offer complimentary Collection/Delivery for upgrades.